About Us

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Bobby DeMuro | Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

FusionSouth is the premier mobile fitness firm in Charlotte. We train all of our clients in their homes and offices, and at local parks and fitness centers. Our passion, work ethic, and desire to be completely accessible to you is simply unmatched around Charlotte. Our daily goal is to provide the best possible product and customer service in every single session.

We also positively impact our community through more than training sessions. In 2010, we are donating $1.00 from every single training session, boot camp, and hour of corporate wellness we hold to the Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson. We are also holding weekly health and nutrition clinics at the Center’s after-school program for underprivileged children!

Any Client

We work with any client’s specific fitness, nutritional, and health needs. Whether you are a 15-year old athlete looking for a competitive edge, a 35-year old wanting to lose weight and live healthier, a 55-year old seeking functional strength, or literally anyone in between, we are the preeminent fitness, health, and nutritional provider in Charlotte. We will not turn you away from the opportunity to improve your health and fitness.

We cater your training sessions to you specifically, rather than producing a one-size-fits-all program.We meet with you about your specific goals, and in each training session, keep those goals in mind to help you reach them.

We will train you anywhere that you are comfortable and safe – be it your home, office, a local park, a running trail or track, a set of stadium stairs, a pool, or anywhere else. We are the most original, flexible and open-minded trainers around Charlotte, finding exercise inspiration in all sorts of places – both indoor and outdoor – that function as effective, fun and original workouts for you!

Any Time

Hours of operation are for impersonal businesses; we offer you more than just a limited schedule. We train you at any time that is most convenient to you. Be it midnight, noon, or in between, we cater to your scheduling needs in order to allow you to prioritize fitness effectively into your day.

We know that work, family, friends, and other responsibilities come along each and every week, making it challenging to train consistently. Because of this, it is necessary for us to be as available as possible to you in order to effectively help you reach your goals around your schedule.