“Bobby has been a terrific partner in my fitness program. He has unbelievable energy, amazing creativity and he sets his standards high. He is enthusiastic about all that he does and he as committed to his clients as they are. I have worked with Bobby 3 times a week for almost a year and I have yet to do the same workout twice. Bobby is passionate about fitness and personal health. He has broadened his reach with his NoFizzCLT program and continues to challenge people to be healthy. Bobby is passionate, driven and creative! These are a terrific recipe for success and key ingredients for creating an enjoyable experience. I fully endorse Bobby.”

-Nick M. | Mooresville, NC

“Spend 5 minutes with Bobby and I guarantee you, you will be looking for a way to work with him or to hire him. His energy is electric and passion is contagious. The kind of person you want on your team. He aspires to see the greatness come alive with in people and to see them the healthy life they were designed to live. Bobby belongs in the health and wellness field, I’m positive he has always been destined to lead a movement in that area.”

-Jason Y. | Charlotte, NC

“Bobby is a wonderful personal trainer. He is dedicated and devoted to his work. He knows what he’s doing and how to get results. I have and will recommend Bobby to anyone in need of a trainer.”

-Kristin F. | Charlotte, NC

“Bobby is excellent and passionate in everything he does. He is extremely reliable and takes his client relationships very seriously. His ability to customize his services is very valuable and he will work with each client on their specific needs. I highly recommend Bobby!”

-Sara R. | Davidson, NC

“I’ve had the pleasure of having Bobby as my trainer for a little over a year now. Bobby always has the ability to motivate me, push me, and hold me accountable for the work I have to do outside of the time we spend in the gym. I have consistently got good results while working with Bobby and will continue to draw on his expertise and guidance while I continue along my journey to better health.”

-John L. | Cornelius, NC

“One of the best decisions I have ever made was partnering with FusionSouth. Their passion for what they do is incredible. We have participated in several community outreach programs together, and their excitement for the well-being of others makes every event extremely rewarding. I have never met a trainer with energy, excitement for life, compassion, knowledge, and dedication to clients like Bobby. If you want a trainer who is dedicated to your needs and treats with you respect, you need FusionSouth. They are the best out there.”

Kate Kincaid, Owner, Peace by Piece Life Coaching | Huntersville, NC

“FusionSouth is literally the best fitness value on Lake Norman. Bobby offers the absolute highest level of on-site personal training and nutritional counseling, and their tireless passion to help as many people as possible is obvious in all they do. As a chiropractor that focuses on wellness and optimal function, I cannot think of a company I would rather entrust my patients to than FusionSouth. Research other training companies in the area, and I guarantee you’ll come to the same conclusion.”

-Dr. John Hoctor, Hoctor Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center | Cornelius, NC

“FusionSouth helped me lose 15 pounds of fat, 10 total inches, and took my body fat percentage from 30% to 20%. I saw results in just 6 weeks! FusionSouth was available for me whenever I need support, day or night! Not only did they help me with training, but they helped me develop a healthy meal plan which was really easy to follow. Best of all, FusionSouth made working out enjoyable! If you want a real trainer and results, FusionSouth is for you!”

-Krista L. | Cornelius, NC

“I like how Bobby is using technology to positively impact the lives of people he’s never met. Take me; I’ve never met him, but somehow, he’s convinced me to change my diet and I’ve lost 3 pounds in the first week by avoiding soda! It has left both my wife and I with a positive impression of FusionSouth, and likely to do business with them in the future.

-Vincent A., NoFizz Charlotte Participant | Charlotte, NC

After about 6 weeks of training with FusionSouth, not only have I dropped more than 3 body fat percentage points, but I have also improved my self-confidence. Life’s challenges will knock you down sometimes, but what matters is that you get back up and try again. FusionSouth helped me to be determined to get back up for every single workout session, and complete each workout to the best of my ability! I am glad that Bobby was there to help pick me back up and encourage me to continue to work hard!”

-Tina W. | Huntersville, NC

“Participating in NoFizzCLT with FusionSouth has leaked over into other healthy habits – I’ve got the kids reading labels and we don’t buy things with high-fructose corn syrup. I have been inclined to dust off the treadmill. I am constantly in search of the most natural ingredients. And, I feel like I’ve found friends who can help me make better lifestyle choices.”

-Alex Hubbarth, NoFizz Charlotte Participant | Fort Mill, SC

“The ‘no-nonsense’ approach Bobby used with me was precisely what I needed. No more unimaginative workout routines, useless supplements and unfocused trainers – instead,FusionSouth tailored a workout specifically to my needs, preferences, and abilities. I am so appreciative that Bobby took the time to get to know me (the athlete and the person) in order to truly help me! Thanks!”

-Teresa M. | Charlotte, NC